Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh I forgot, we have a podcast to run.

Hello everyone! We forgot to mention last show that we were going on a little mini-vacation and would be missing a show. Don't fret, we'll be dropping a couple of shows back to back. We're joined by Kirk for episode 9 and he hassles us about not getting the RSS feed straightened out yet, and proclaims this, "The Big Gay Episode."

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What the hell did we even talk about? Oh yeah:

The possibility of doing a show on location, and possibly drunk.
How awful truck nuts are.
What Action Nerds GO! shirts would look like.
5 hour energy may be crack.
The dubious Total Recall remake
NASA's got a message for Mercury.
A machete slingshot. (You read that right.)
Kites are dangerous:
Segway chariot races.
The Governator comic. Yikes.
Gov. Ventura fights Gov. Schwarzenegger

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