Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick update

Hey everyone, just a quick update if you're wondering where the hell we've been.

No show last week because I (Ryan) was out of town, and no show this week because Mike is out of town. We'll try to get one up sometime this upcoming week.

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  1. Hey Fellas, Really enjoyed the show. I used to work with Dave who is friends with you guys and pointed me your way.

    For it's time Buck Rogers was ridiculously awesome and way ahead of the stuff around it.

    Don't forget Wil Wheaton was in Stand By Me as well. He's doing the Geek and Sundry stuff with Felicia Day (the tabletop gaming with name-drop geeks and nerd celebs) as well as the books he writes and his blogs. Oh, and he was also a bad guy on Leverage (heist show on TNT starring Timothy Hutton).

    Wish I could've made it out to the Fear-The-Con as I've wanted to go for awhile now but keep getting put on House Patrol...Maybe next year.

    Couple of friends and I have started our own podcast (also gaming, movies, comics, nerd stuff, also based in the STL) we're 2 episodes in and we're still trying to figure out crap (our editing is...uh...yeah). Come check us out if you get a chance


    1. Thanks for listening and for the kind words. We'll be sure to check your show out.